...Cutting Edge Debris Management Technology

    What is DebrisTech?

The DebrisTech Electronic Debris Management System is modeled after a proven debris monitoring method that utilized a combination of hand written paper tickets, electronic databases, and a Geographic Information System (GIS). The DebrisTech system follows this same model, but replaces the hand written tickets with real time data collection devices. Paper receipts are still available but are no longer the primary record.


DebrisTech allows monitors to have real time data on debris movement and disposal. The DebrisTech Electronic Debris Management System provides real time access to all aspects of debris removal operations through the DebrisTech Central Information Database. Data is fed to the Central Information Database in real time by Debris Removal Monitors with DebrisTech devices. Authorized users have access to many different reports summarizing daily, weekly, or monthly activity by truck number, subcontractor, Right of Entry number, etc. This allows the debris management team to track the location and progress of debris removal crews, 


DebrisTech and its Strategic Partners can provide a wide range of Disaster Management Services ranging from Electronic Ticketing to Debris Removal Monitoring to Public Assistance and Grant Administration.